Launch of the Shared Island Unit funded paper: All-island coordination of energy infrastructure and renewable energy supports

The all-island Single Electricity Market has achieved a high penetration of renewable electricity to date. This has been driven, at least in part, by the alignment of renewable electricity targets in both jurisdictions. In this research, we quantify the benefits of aligned policies in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and simulate the impacts of ongoing renewable energy policy alignment on electricity transmission, generation and storage infrastructure, as well as electricity prices and renewable subsidies, out to 2030.

We find that aligned policies lead to a more efficient utilisation of storage across the Market, while the North-South interconnector brings benefits for electricity consumers under all policy scenarios considered.

This research is part of a joint research programme between the Department of Taoiseach’s Shared Island Unit and the ESRI on the economic and social opportunities from increased cooperation on the Shared Island.




Prof Alan Barrett (Director, ESRI) 


Presentation of report findings

Dr Niall Farrell (ESRI)



Derek Scully (Energia)