Save the Date: How to build public support for environmental policy

Dr. Linus Mattauch (TU Berlin, PIK, University of Oxford) will discuss the public acceptability of environmental policy.

A common impediment to otherwise worthwhile environmental policy is a lack of public acceptability. Dr. Mattauch is at the forefront of research in this field. This event will discuss factors that influence the acceptability of environmental policy, with lessons for effective design and implementation. This discussion will be of interest to both academics and policy practitioners.

Dr. Mattauch’s research centres around evaluating policy options for mitigating climate change and addressing wealth inequality. He also analyses what makes such policies acceptable to citizens. For instance, his work has shown that a carbon tax can be popular with citizens and benefit poor households.  

Linus is a leading researcher in this field. He is a Contributing Author to Chapter 5 of Working Group III of the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He is also a member of Economics for Inclusive Prosperity and a board member of “Scientists for Future”, Germany. Linus’ full profile is available:

Event programme

How to build public support for environmental policy

Dr. Linus Mattauch (Technical University of Berlin; Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research; University of Oxford)