Report Launch: Technical paper on social inclusion and access to care services in Ireland

An event took place to launch new research commissioned by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection to examine who is most likely to have unmet needs for formal childcare and professional home care. 

The presentation slides and the publication are available to download at the links below. 

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The research was conducted by Raffaele Grotti, Bertrand Maître and Dorothy Watson. Bertrand Maître presented key findings from the research at the event.

The research explores access to care services (both childcare and home care for people with disabilities or illnesses) across the population in Ireland with a specific focus on vulnerable groups. It looks at differences in access to these services by social risk group (such as lone parent families and people with disabilities) and social class.

The paper also examines the relationship between access to care services and both poverty and employment for vulnerable groups. The analysis is based on the special module on access to services from the Irish SILC data for 2016.