Shared Island Unit education consultation

The Economic and Social Research Institute is conducting a research study on education and training systems, North and South, as part of a programme of research with the Shared Island Unit, Department of the Taoiseach.

The study aims to compare the two systems as a basis for policy learning and draws on administrative and survey data as well as interviews with key policy stakeholders.

Further information on the study is available here.

We will be holding a consultation event where we will present our initial findings and seek feedback from stakeholders. This is an important step in the research process and will ensure we are interpreting our findings correctly and accurately portraying the range of views across education stakeholders, North and South.

Please also feel free to share this with colleagues or anyone else you feel would be interested. Contact us at if you have any queries. 



Presentation of findings from the project to date




Round table discussion in breakout rooms


Comfort break


Report back from breakout rooms and discussion


Event close