Symposium on Risks in Integrated Energy Systems

The aim of this half-day symposium is to bring academia and industry together and discuss theoretical and practical issues of risks and finance in integrated energy systems. Energy system integration (ESI) is the process of coordinating the operation and planning of energy systems across multiple pathways and geographical scales in order to deliver reliable, cost effective energy services with less impact on the environment. With the ongoing energy transition questions arise about what types of risks and uncertainties do market participants of integrated energy systems face and how can they manage them. These risks include price dynamics in fuel and carbon markets, declining costs of competing technologies, and uncertainties related to consumer demand and energy policy.

The slides for all presentations from this event are available HERE.



Registration & Coffee


Welcome Address

Alan Barrett, Director, ESRI

SESSION 1: Risk and Finance in Integrated Energy Systems

Chair: Valentin Bertsch, ESRI


Risk management and hedging approaches in energy markets

Jim Hanly, DIT


Matching risk to the right investment product

Kieran Fitzgerald, AIB


Combining GARCH forecast with alternative weighting schemes in electricity market

Hanyu Zhang, UCD, Julie Byrne, UCD, and Martina Assereto, UCD


Tea/Coffee Break


Panel Discussion

Chair: Lisa Ryan, UCD

Derek Scully, Energia; Micheal Geary, Bord na Mona; Patrick Mohr, NTMA; Kieran Fitzgerald, AIB

SESSION 2: Risk Management and Hedging in Electricity Markets

Chair: Julie Byrne, UCD


Hedging of price risks in the Irish electricity market

Cyriel de John, KYOS


A looming revolution: Implication of decentralized electricity generation and self-consumption for suppliers' risk exposure and market efficiency

Marianna Russo, ESRI, Valentin Bertsch, ESRI


Power spreads in electricity futures markets

Petr Spodniak, ESRI, Valentin Bertsch, ESRI


Lunch and Close of Conference