University of Galway event: What Next for Irish Public Policy Development? Strengthening the Use of Data and Evidence

ESRI researcher Prof Selina McCoy will participate in a panel discussion at this event. 

Event description: 

How do we foster and support effective public policy in Ireland? How can we best use data and research evidence for key policy decisions over the life course? The seminar examines ‘what next’ for our system of public policy. It considers progress since the OECD report Strengthening Policy Development in the Public Sector in Ireland (May 2023) from a national and international perspective, broadening the dialogue with public bodies, NGOs and other interested parties.

The seminar will focus on research and evidence as a key pillar in developing effective public policy and will foster debate about next steps in a vital and challenging agenda of change. The seminar will examine some of the substantial work underway on strengthening our approach to policy development, implementation and evaluation, and on enhancing the impact of policy over the complete life course. The civil and public service reform agenda and the Research and Innovation Strategy Impact 2030 will form a key backdrop to the event. 

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