Growing Up in Ireland at the ESRI

Roderic O'Gorman

The ESRI is the lead contractor for the Growing Up in Ireland study in partnership with TCD. All operations are run from the ESRI including:

  • Consultation and design of instrumentation and sample
  • Recruitment, training and co-ordination of interviewers
  • All fieldwork operations
  • Hosting and preparation of data
  • Data workshops
  • Annual conference hosting

The ESRI works with partners such as TCD, DCEDIY, CSO, ISSDA, National Qualitative Data Archive on:

  • Governance
  • Research reports and dissemination
  • Data archiving

The Principal Investigator (PI) at the start of Phase 2 until July 2018 was Professor James Williams (ESRI). On James’ retirement, Professor Dorothy Watson and Professor Emer Smyth took over as joint PIs. Professor Watson retired in March 2021, and Professor Smyth is the current PI.

More information on the Growing Up in Ireland study is available at