Niall Mc Inerney

Niall McInerney was a research fellow at the ESRI until January 2017. Prior to joining the ESRI Niall taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in international finance, macroeconomics and statistics for several years at NUI Galway.

Niall's research at the ESRI focused on the development of new macroeconomic models of the Irish economy as part of a joint project with the Central Bank of Ireland. His particular research interests lie at the intersection of macroeconomics and finance and while at the ESRI he developed models of the Irish banking and real estate sectors that illustrate how macroprudential policy can be used to address distortions in these sectors.

Niall received his PhD in International Macroeconomics from Trinity College Dublin and his M.Sc Economics and B.Comm International (German) degrees from NUI Galway.
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Tel: +353 1 8632000

Latest Publications:
  • COSMO: A new COre Structural MOdel for Ireland
  • Ireland’s Economic Outlook: Perspectives and Policy Challenges
  • Demographic Change, Long-Run Housing Demand and the Related Challenges for the Irish Banking Sector
  • Baseline: Methodology, Assumptions and Projections
  • Macroprudential Policy in a Recovering Property market: Too much too soon?
  • Modelling the Medium to Long Term Potential Macroeconomic Impact of Brexit on Ireland
  • Macroprudential Policy in a Recovering Property Market: Too much too soon?
  • An Empirical Assessment of the Macroprudential Measures in the Irish Housing Market
  • Macroprudential Policy in a Recovering Market: Too Much too Soon
  • The Role of Credit in the Housing Market

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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • Modelling the Irish Economy
  • Banking Crises and the Macro Economy: Causes, Consequences and Recoveries

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