Connell Fanning

Connell Fanning was a Visiting Professor to the ESRI from 1981 until 1983 on secondment from the Department of Economics in University College Cork. He joined UCC in 1978 and he is currently Professor of Economics. He holds primary and masters degrees from the National University of Ireland, University College, Cork and a PhD from Cornell University, New York. His research interests include the application of economic ideas for strategic thinking in business and macroeconomic theory of the business economy. He is a former member of the ESRI Council. See
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Tel: +353 1 8632000

Latest Publications:
  • Medium-Term Analysis of Fiscal Policy in Ireland: A Macroeconometric Study of the Period 1967-1980
  • Hypotheses concerning the Non-Viability of Labour-Directed Firms in Capitalist Economics
  • Economic Development After 25 Years: Its Significance for the Current Crisis
  • Some Issues Concerning the Founding of Labour-Directed Firms
  • Public Authority Business Undertakings: The Problem of Soft Budget Constraints
  • Economic Theory of the Worker Co-operative — An Exposition
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • Ireland: Industrial Co-operatives
  • Worker Co-operatives: Why so Few? — A Critique of O'Mahony's Entrepreneurial Hypothesis

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