Philip R. Lane, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, delivers the Annual Geary Lecture 2018

Video from this year's Geary Lecture is available below. You can also view it on our YouTube account HERE.

On 15 November, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland Philip R. Lane delivered the Annual Geary Lecture 2018 at the ESRI, titled Globalisation and the Irish Economy. Full text of the lecture is available HERE.

His lecture included references to two previous Geary Lectures, by Rudi Dornbusch and John Dunning. These and other previous Geary Lectures are available to read HERE.

The lecture also included reference to the ESRI's work, and Governor Lane's own time as an ESRI Council member:

The Geary Lecture is also an occasion to reflect on the central role played by the ESRI in the analysis and formulation of economic and social policies in Ireland. During my time on the ESRI Council during 2009-2015, I gained a particular appreciation for the sustained scholarship undertaken by the ESRI, which is the home of so many long-term research programmes that are irreplaceable in terms of shaping our understanding of the forces driving economic and social development in Ireland.