Akhilesh Kumar Verma

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Akhilesh K Verma joined the Economic Analysis Division as a post-doctoral research fellow in November 2021.

He holds a PhD in Economics from IGIDR, India (2021) with a specialization in open-economy Macroeconomics. His PhD thesis empirically examines macro-financial stability risks posed by shifting composition of cross border flows to emerging market economies post-GFC. Using a small open economy DSGE model, he also shows that macroprudential regulations and monetary policy when used together can minimize financial stability risks in the face of external and domestic shocks.  

Akhilesh has published his research in Empirical Economics, Review of World Economics and has several working papers on his ongoing research. His research interests include Macroeconomics, International Finance, Applied Econometrics, Banking and Political Economy. His research in ESRI focuses on the COSMO model and building a new macroeconomic framework for Northern Ireland in collaboration with NISER (London).

He has a wide-ranging work experience in research think-tanks and industry. Prior to this, he has worked as an Economist at Standard Chartered Bank, PwC, Ministry of Finance and National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, India.