Cristina Iannelli

Research Affiliate

Cristina Iannelli is Professor of Education and Social Stratification at the University of Edinburgh. Cristina has extensive research experience as leader and co-investigator of several national and international research projects. Her research interests include social inequalities in education and the labour market, social mobility, youth transitions and cross-country comparative analyses. She has published widely on these topics using advanced quantitative analysis of large-scale survey and administrative data. After the award of a PhD from the European University Institute (Florence), Cristina started her research career at the Centre for Educational Sociology (CES) in the University of Edinburgh. During this time she was involved in two major European projects, A Comparative Analysis of Education to Work Transitions in Europe (CATEWE) and Evaluation and Analysis of the Labour Forces Survey 2000 Ad Hoc Module on School-To-Work Transitions in Europe. She was the principal investigator of the ESRC project Education and Social Mobility in Scotland in the 20th Century and held a three-year ESRC Research Fellowship on The Role of Educational Structure and Content in the Process of Social Mobility. She was one of the founders of the Scotland-wide Advanced Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN) and between 2013 and 2017 she was AQMeN Co-Director when the network became an ESRC-funded Research Centre. Within the Centre she led the 'Education and Social Stratification' research strand which examined the role of institutional differentiation of curriculum and status in reproducing social inequalities in education and the labour market (…). She is currently Co-Director of the ESRC large grant ‘Understanding Inequalities’, a multidisciplinary and international research project exploring the causes, consequences and policy implications of social inequalities across different dimensions and spatial scales ( Download CV