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Dr. Robert (Roy) Charles Geary (April 11, 1896-February 8, 1983) was the first Director of the ESRI. He held degrees from University College Dublin and the Sorbonne, France. He lectured in mathematics at University College Southampton (1922-23) and in applied economics at Cambridge University (1946-47). He was a statistician in the Department of Industry and Commerce between 1923 and 1957, founding director of the Central Statistics Office (Ireland in 1949). He was head of the National Accounts Branch of the United Nations in New York from 1957 to 1960. Following his retirement as Director in 1965 he continued to work at the ESRI until shortly before his death in 1983. He was an honorary fellow of the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. In 1981, he was a recipient of the RDS Boyle Medal. Roy Geary is known for Geary's C, the Geary?Khamis dollar, the Stone?Geary utility function, and Geary's Theorem, which states that if the sample mean is distributed independently of the sample variance, then the population is distributed normally. See and
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  • Population and Economics in Ireland in the Recent Past and in the Near Future
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  • Capital and Labour in Irish Manufacturing Industry - Some Statistical Material with an Addendum by K A Kennedy
  • A Simple Swedish Equation System Applied to the Irish Price-Wage-Unemployment Complex 1960-1978, with Some Statistical Comment
  • A Note on OLS Multivariate Regressions with Suggestions for Additions to Routine Computer Programmes
  • Thoughts on Perusing a Recent Paper on the Econometrics of Time Series

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