Claudia Aravena Novielli

Claudia Aravena Novielli

Trinity College, Dublin | Research Affiliate
Claudia Aravena Novielli is a research fellow in Energy and Environmental Economics at the Department of Economics in Trinity College Dublin and lecturer in Energy Economics and Policy at the Smurfit Business School and the Department of Electrical Engineering in University College of Dublin.

She completed her PhD at Queen’s University, Belfast (UK), and a certificate in Sustainable Development at University College Dublin. She was also a visiting student in the Environmental Economics Unit at University of Gothenburg (Sweden). She holds a BA in Economics and MS in Environmental and Resource Economics from Universidad de Concepcion (Chile), where she was also part time lecturer in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Development Economics.

She has worked extensively in the field of environmental valuation, specifically stated preference methodologies applied to the valuation of externalities related to different energy sources and transportation. In addition, she has also worked in energy efficiency, smart grids and behavioural economics applied to the energy sector. Her research interests are in the areas of energy efficiency; smart grids; renewable energy sources; electric vehicles; energy policy; environmental valuation; sustainable development and behavioural and experimental economics.

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  • Who upgrades their residential heating system?
  • Heating system upgrades: The role of knowledge, socio-demographics, building attributes and energy infrastructure
  • Determinants of residential heating system choice: an analysis of Irish households

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