Maxime Bercholz

Maxime Bercholz

Social Research | Research Assistant
Maxime Bercholz joined the ESRI as a Research Assistant in October 2017. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology and an MSc in Economics, both from Trinity College Dublin. His dissertation examined the impact of the Great Recession on higher education participation in Ireland.

Maxime has previously worked as a teaching assistant in mathematics and statistics and as a research assistant at Trinity College Dublin, and more recently as an intern in the ESRI. His work in the ESRI focuses on micro-simulation modelling of the tax-benefit system.
Contact Details:

Tel: +353 1 8632000

Latest Publications:
  • Budget 2019: tax and welfare changes
  • The gender impact of Irish budgetary policy 2008-2018
  • Income growth and income distribution: a long-run view of Irish experience
  • Distributional Impact of Tax and Welfare Policies: Budget 2018
  • Recent Trends in Female Labour Force Participation in Ireland

  • All Publications:
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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • A Review of Ireland in EUROMOD
  • SWITCH Model: Databases and Technical Development
  • Household Expenditure and Indirect Taxes
  • Financial Incentives to Work
  • Modelling Healthcare Entitlements
  • Analysis of Childcare Subsidies
  • Income Distribution and Redistribution

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