Delma Byrne

Delma Byrne worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Social Research Division from 2007 to 2010 when she took up a position of lecturer in Sociology at NUI Maynooth. Her primary area of interest is in social stratification in education and the labour market. This work spans primary, second-level and higher education sectors as well as post secondary education and training; transitions between education and the labour market and the evaluation of educational interventions. Dr Byrne was awarded a PhD for doctoral research conducted at the Centre for Educational Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, and has an M.Sc in Applied Social Research from Trinity College, Dublin. Her PhD research focused on the determinants and effects of work undertaken by young people before leaving school through part-time job holding and school organised work experience. Much of her research to date has examined education and labour market issues with particular reference to youth. Her research on second-level education has focused on school-to-work transitions, the dynamics of early school leaving, curriculum differentiation, the integration of newcomer (immigrant) students in Irish primary and second-level schools, and the evaluation of educational programmes at second level (Transition Year, Leaving Certificate Applied). Delma has also worked on Higher Education issues related to access, class inequalities and student experience. In relation to wider labour market issues, she has also worked on issues relating to over-education, job search strategies and the impact of employer-led training on wages. She is currently a reviewer for Irish Educational Studies and The Journal of Youth Studies.
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Latest Publications:
  • Student retention in higher education
  • Effectively maintained inequality in educational transitions in the Republic of Ireland
  • Born Abroad and Educated Here: Examining the Impacts of Education and Skill Mismatch among Immigrant Graduates in Europe
  • Bottom of the Class? The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme and Track Placement in the Republic of Ireland
  • Examining the Relationships between Labour Market Mismatches, Earnings and Job Satisfaction among Immigrant Graduates in Europe
  • Cumulative Disadvantage? Educational Careers of Migrant Students in Irish Secondary Schools
  • Identifying and Explaining Hidden Disadvantage within the Non-Manual Group in Higher Education Access
  • The Determinants and Effects of Training at Work: Bringing the Workplace Back In
  • New school, New System: The Experiences of Immigrant Students in Irish Schools
  • 'The Sooner the Better I Could Get Out of There': Barriers to Higher Education Access in Ireland

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  • Study on the new Leaving Certificate grading bands

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