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Until December, 2013, Miriam M. Wiley was Research Professor and Head of the Health Research & Information Division at the ESRI. Over the period of her career at the ESRI, periods of secondment were spent at the Irish Department of Health and the OECD in Paris. A graduate of UCC, her postgraduate qualifications include an M.Sc. (ECON) from The London School of Economics and Political Science and a Ph.D. in Health Policy & Planning from Brandeis University, Boston. In addition to developing and managing large scale data sets in the health area, Miriam has published extensively in health research. Specific research interests include the financing of health and hospital services and reform of approaches to health service funding, reimbursement, management, organisation and delivery. She has undertaken commissioned research and consultancies for health agencies and government departments at the national level and for a wide range of international organisations, including OECD, WHO, the European Commission, the World Bank, the Council of Europe and the US Office of Technology Assessment. At different times Miriam has held appointments to a number of national organisations including the Health Research Board, the National Drugs Advisory Board, the Women?s Health Council, the Irish Heart Foundation and the Statistical and Social Enquiry Society of Ireland. Appointments to international bodies have included the WHO?s Advisory Committee on Health Research, the European Health Policy Research Network, and EU Committees on Social and Economic Health Sciences and Telematics Applications for Health.
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Latest Publications:
  • Using HIPE data for Research and Audit: Critical Factors for Success
  • Paying for Hospital Care: the Experience With Implementing Activity-based Funding in Five European Countries
  • Ireland: A Review of Casemix Applications Within the Acute Public Hospital System
  • From the Origins of DRGs to their Implementation in Europe
  • Public and Private Utilisation of In-Patient Beds in Irish Acute Public Hospitals
  • Who's That Sleeping In My Bed? Potential and Actual Utilization of Public and Private In-patient Beds in Irish Acute Public Hospitals
  • Cost of Stroke in Ireland: Estimating the Annual Economic Cost of Stroke and TIA in Ireland
  • Ireland: Health System Review. Health Systems in Transition, 2009; 11(4): 1 - 268
  • Acute Public Hospital Services: Challenges for Reform in the Context of the 'Preferred Health System'
  • Projecting the Impact of Demographic Change on the Demand for and Delivery of Health Care in Ireland

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