Journal Article

A utilisation profile of publicly financed oral examinations in the Republic of Ireland

June 11, 2021

Community Dental Health Journal, Vol 38, No.3, September 2021

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Aim: To develop a utilisation profile for oral examinations performed under the remit of publicly financed dental services in the Republic of Ireland as a proxy for the overall level of service use.

Basic research design: Collation of data from multiple administrative datasets for 2018, and generation of an age-specific oral examination utilisation profile.

Main outcome measure: Age-specific oral examination rates per 1,000 population.

Results: A total of 1,163,399 publicly financed oral examinations were performed. Comparably low population-adjusted oral examination rates were observed in the 0-15, 16-24 and 75+ age cohorts.

Conclusions: The National Oral Health Policy in Ireland aims to improve access to oral healthcare services across the life-course. Young children and older adults are highlighted as population subgroups with low levels of service eligibility and engagement, respectively. These results reinforce the need to focus on these age cohorts.