House for sale
Implications of monetary policy normalisation for Irish mortgage arrears

New research by the ESRI and the Department of Finance reveals the extent to which households would likely experience mortgage arrears if ECB interest rates were to rise.

Minimum Wage
The impact of a change in the National Minimum Wage

A new ESRI study found that the 2016 increase in the Irish minimum wage reduced hourly wage inequality between high and low earners by up to 8 per cent. However, there was no strong impact on the income of households.

An image of an EU flag and a UK flag to indicate the topic of Brexit

Download research examining the potential impact of Brexit across areas including trade, economic growth and consumer prices. 

Image of one woman among a group of men
Gender equality

Download research on topics including the gender wage gap and the gender impact of budgetary policy. 

Wind turbines
Renewable energy

Research examines several aspects of renewable energy use and adoption in Ireland.