Growing Up in Ireland: Research Needs for Wave 5: Age 25, Cohort 98

May 25, 2022
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This research needs report is intended to inform the nature and content of the fifth wave of data collection at 25 years of age for Cohort ’98. The report draws on a range of sources in developing proposals for the wave. These include:

• A focused review of the international literature and short review papers prepared by three labour market experts at the ESRI

• A review of the content of comparable international cohort studies

• An overview of the relevant policy landscape

• A survey of the Growing Up in Ireland Scientific Advisory Group and relevant policy stakeholders to capture their perspectives on the priorities for the next wave of data collection

• Focus groups with adults in their mid-20s to explore what they saw as important in the next wave

• A consultation session with policymakers and academics to outline the findings emerging from the survey and focus groups and discuss the priorities regarding questions/measures

This report is mainly structured according to core areas of research interest: education/training; labour market experiences and income; physical health; mental and socio-emotional well-being; relationships; civic engagement; concerns and aspirations. These are supplemented by additional chapters describing the background to the study, summarising work by other similar studies, data collection options, and describing the extensive consultation period undertaken in advance of this report.