Re-evaluating Irish energy policy in light of Brexit

June 21, 2017 | QEC Research Note

Authors: Muireann Á Lynch

The result of the UK referendum on EU membership has prompted a re-evaluation of many Irish policies with a view to ‘Brexit-proofing’ them. The areas of energy and climate policy are no different. As things stand, much of Irish energy and climate policy is shaped at EU level, and so the UK leaving the EU would have implications for Irish policy irrespective of the strong ties between the Irish and UK energy systems. Re-evaluation of Irish energy policy in light of Brexit is therefore understandable and advisable. However, many issues facing Irish, and indeed EU, energy and climate policy are independent of Brexit, and should not be neglected in the public debate. This paper briefly examines some of these issues, with a particular view as to whether and how the policy context has changed in light of Brexit.

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