Dublin Consumers More Cautious as Confidence Improves Slightly Outside the Capital

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  • Consumer Sentiment weakened in Dublin while it improved marginally in the  rest of Ireland in the 3rd quarter of 2015.
  • At current levels of theses indices, consumer sentiment should be seen as still reasonably positive both in Dublin and in the rest of Ireland and the underlying trend remains unevenly upward.
  • However, the 3rd quarter reading suggests a measure of caution among consumers-particularly in Dublin, as to how far and how fast a strong Irish economy should be translating into an improvement in their personal circumstances.
  • The divergence in sentiment readings between consumers in the capital and elsewhere may reflect differences in the nature, pace and stage of recovery. There may be some negative spill-over effects from a relatively rapid but uneven upswing in Dublin.
  • Dublin consumers grew more concerned about jobs and more cautious in their spending plans than their counterparts elsewhere in the past three months.

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