ESRI October 2023 Newsletter

Dear Reader,

This month, we released three major reports. The first was the Quarterly Economic Commentary, Autumn 2023While the Irish economy emerged strongly after COVID-19, it now looks set to experience more moderate growth rates. You can watch a presentation of the forecast’s key findings on our YouTube channel.

Our second major report – funded by the Gambling Authority of Ireland – examined problem gambling in Ireland. I was particularly struck by the estimate that 1-in-30 adults in Ireland suffer from problem gambling – suggesting it is much more widespread than previously believed. These findings offer valuable insights for policymakers, especially in light of the Gambling Bill currently before the Oireachtas. 

Lastly, an EPA-funded report found that participation in a citizen science project led to an increase in awareness of air pollution and its main sources. However, the socioeconomic profile of the participants highlighted the challenge of ensuring greater diversity in participation.

Our upcoming events are detailed below. I am pleased to announce the revival of our monthly Research Seminar Series, which had been on hiatus since COVID-19. You can view the 2023/2024 programme here. These seminars provide a fantastic opportunity to foster dialogue between the research and policy communities, so I’m delighted to see their return.


Professor Alan Barrett