Niall Farrell

Senior Research Officer

Niall Farrell is an energy and environmental economist. He has research interests in power systems economics and the distributional impacts of energy and climate policy. Niall has carried out research assessing the market structures required to integrate renewable energy technologies and has worked on the development of renewable energy policies that efficiently balance risk between investors and consumers. His work on distributional issues has assessed the equity and efficiency implications of electricity tariff structures in the UK, whilst also assessing the distributional impacts of renewable energy financing in Ireland.

Niall is a research associate with INET Oxford and the Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy. He carried out his PhD research on marine renewable energy with the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit at the National University of Ireland, Galway. During this time he was a visiting student researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. Niall has published in The Energy Journal, Ecological Economics and Nature Energy.

You can find Niall's podcast, At the Margin, here