Journal Article

Combining actual and contingent behaviour data to estimate the value of coarse fishing in Ireland

March 15, 2019

Fisheries Research, Vol. 215, 2019, pp. 53–61

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The use of contingent behaviour style questions enables the presentation of scenarios that extended beyond previous experience, making it a valuable tool for the examination of a change in policy or management practices. This study uses anglers’ responses to contingent behaviour survey questions, in combination with actual trip frequencies, to examine the effects of a change in fish quality on users and non-users of Garadice, an Irish coarse fishing site. Respondents, from an onsite and online survey, were asked how many more days they would spend fishing at Garadice if the number of specimen fish increased by 25% or 50%, or if the quantity of fish increased by 25% or 50%. Estimates indicate that the average consumer surplus for a day spent fishing is €93 per day. The marginal benefits from the contingent behaviour changes range from €50.86 for a 25% increase in the quantity of fish to €89.01 for a 50% increase in the quantity of fish.