Growing Up in Ireland: The Lives of 20-Year-Olds — Making the Transition to Adulthood

December 14, 2021
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This report presents findings from the fourth wave of interviews conducted at age 20 in 2018/19 with the original Cohort ’98 (formerly the Child Cohort) of the longitudinal Growing Up in Ireland study. The cohort had first been surveyed at age 9 years in 2007 and were followed up at ages 13 and 17/18 years. There were 5,190 Young Adult participants in the age 20 wave, which represents 61 per cent of the original 8,568 who were interviewed at age 9. In addition, 4,887 associated parent/guardians (usually, the mother) were surveyed in the 20-year phase. These interviews provided crucial information on the broader household context, especially for those still living in the parental home.

The study findings capture a key phase in the Young Adults’ lives as they make the transition into postschool education, training and employment, form an adult identity and forge different sets of relationships with peers and others.

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December 14, 2021


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