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Household attributes associated with peak period domestic appliance loads

July 12, 2021

Heliyon, Vol. 7, Issue 7, July 2021, e07559

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Household appliances represent substantial electricity load within the residential sector, particularly during the electricity system's period of peak evening load. While there is broad understanding of the factors that systematically impact on aggregate residential loads, much less is known about appliance loads. A research priority is understanding how socio-demographic, dwelling, and appliance factors are associated with the timing and scale of appliance loads. Using data from Ireland the analysis finds that the number of household occupants; number of appliances; and daytime occupancy of the home are closely associated with appliance loads but varies depending on the time of day. No association is found between appliance uses and building tenure, type or age; or socio-demographic variables such as income, age or education. The empirical findings have relevance for modelling residential electricity loads, and for design of measures to shift residential loads away from the evening peak period.