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Managing cognitive impairment following stroke: protocol for a systematic review of non-randomised controlled studies of psychological interventions

January 1, 2018

BMJ Open, 8:e019001

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Full list of authors: Niamh A MerrimanEithne SextonNora-Ann DonnellyGrainne McCabeMary E WalshDaniela RohdeAshleigh GormanIsabelle JeffaresNiall PenderDavid WilliamsFrances HorganFrank DoyleMaev-Ann WrenKathleen E BennettAnne Hickey Introduction: Stroke is one of the primary causes of death and disability worldwide, leaving a considerable proportion of survivors with persistent cognitive and functional deficits. Despite the prevalence of poststroke cognitive impairment, there is no established treatment aimed at improving cognitive function following a stroke. Therefore, the aims of this systematic review are to identify psychological interventions intended to improve poststroke cognitive function and establish their efficacy.