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Optimally allocating renewable generation in Ireland: a long-term outlook until 2050

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March 13, 2018
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The Irish energy white paper released in December 2015 states the objective of diversifying electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES-E). While onshore wind is planned to continue to make a significant contribution, the question arises which roles other RES-E technologies, such as solar PV, wind offshore or bioenergy, will play in the future. Moreover, the Irish 2030 target for RES-E is about to be set. Since the electricity demand growth in future is uncertain and the national target is yet unknown, this creates a high uncertainty around the overall amount of RES-E required. In this uncertain context, this research seeks to provide support for

  1. achieving the national RES-E target determined as percentage share of energy demand in a cost minimal way under consideration of different diversification approaches, and
  2. long-term planning of the electricity system by providing insight into the future regional distribution of generation and demand under different scenarios.