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Growing Up in Ireland

Research in this area examines developmental outcomes for children and young people in Ireland, how these vary between different groups of the population and evolve over time.

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Growing Up in Ireland: The lives of 20-year-olds

Launched on 14th December 2021, this report presents findings from the fourth wave of interviews conducted at age 20; it captures a key phase in the Young Adults’ lives as they make the transition into postschool education, training and employment, form an adult identity and forge different sets of relationships with peers and others.

father with a young child on his lap and a book open
Fathers and Children from Infancy to Middle Childhood

Launched on 8th November 2021 by the ESRI and produced in partnership with DCEDIY, this report shows that children who have a good relationship with their father are happier, feel less anxious and are more engaged in physical activity.

9 year olds
Growing Up in Ireland: The Lives of 9-Year-Olds of Cohort '08

Launched on 16th June  2021, this report finds that 9-year-olds’ experiences and developmental outcomes – particularly in terms of physical health, socio-emotional well-being, play, and attitudes to, and engagement with, school – were associated with both gender and family circumstances.

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Growing Up in Ireland: Key findings from the Special COVID-19 Survey of Cohorts ’98 and ‘08

Launched on 26th March 2021 by Minister Roderic O’Gorman, this report presents findings from a special survey of COVID-19 experiences for children and young adults participating in Growing Up in Ireland. These first insights highlight the extent of changes to everyday life as a result of the pandemic and point to likely inequalities in impact.

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Growing Up in Ireland: Social-Emotional and Behavioural Outcomes in Early Adolescence

Launched on 11th March 2021, this report documents the mental health and well-being of the 13-years-olds in the study and examines factors that were associated with these outcomes.