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Growing Up in Ireland

Research in this area examines developmental outcomes for children and young people in Ireland, how these vary between different groups of the population and evolve over time.

Launch of Growing Up in Ireland reports 21 Feb 2019
Growing Up in Ireland: The Lives of 5-Year-Olds

New research covers the socio-economic circumstances of the families of 5-year-olds and those children’s outcomes in key domains of health, socio-emotional development and school/cognitive development.

Professor Richard Layte and Professor Elizabeth Nixon at the launch of new GUI reports 21 Feb 2019
Growing Up in Ireland: The Effects of Economic Recession and Family Stress on the Adjustment of 3-Year-Olds in Ireland

The report seeks to understand how the economic recession affected experiences of economic strain and stress within families and how this, in turn, was associated with parenting and the socio-emotional and behavioural adjustment of 3-year-olds. 

Minister Zappone with three children at the launch of the Key Findings
Growing Up in Ireland Key Findings: 9 Years Old

Published in November 2018, four short reports describe how 9-year-olds are faring in Ireland. Topics include health and physical development; families; relationships and socio-emotional wellbeing; and school and learning. 

Researchers at 2017 Growing Up in Ireland Conference
Growing Up in Ireland Key Findings: 7/8 Years Old

Three reports describe how children aged 7 and 8 are faring in Ireland, including the topics of  socio-emotional development and play; health and development; and school and learning. 

Growing Up in Ireland Conference 2016
Growing Up in Ireland Key Findings: 17/18 Years Old

Four reports describe the lives of young people aged 17 and 18. The reports cover the areas of health; education and early work experiences; risky health behaviours and sexual activity; and life satisfaction, relationships and mental health.