ESRI researchers awarded funding from the Horizon Europe Programme

Following a European-wide competition, a team of ESRI researchers have been awarded funding from the Horizon Europe Programme to work on a three-year project examining social, economic and spatial inequalities in the European Union in the context of increased global challenges.

The ESRI team led by Prof Iulia Siedschlag is part of a European Research Consortium including research organisations from ten EU countries and the UK. The project will provide research evidence to inform guidance and recommendations for policy-makers, social partners, firms and stakeholders to tackle unsustainable trends and reverse inequalities.

Using data from Ireland’s national longitudinal study of children, Prof Selina McCoy and Dr Eamonn Carroll will assess the changing dynamics of educational inequality and the impact of policies addressing educational disadvantage.

Prof Iulia Siedschlag and Dr Weijie Yan will examine the relationship between rising wage inequality in European countries and the emergence of large firms with dominant market shares within their industry - the so-called “superstar firms”.