ESRI Researchers Awarded Funding from the Horizon Europe Programme

Following a European-wide competition, a team of ESRI researchers have been awarded funding from the Horizon Europe Programme to work on a four-year project examining the effectiveness and efficiency of education and training systems and specific policies in EU countries. The results of this research will inform policy on education and training in EU countries to enhance the effectiveness, inclusiveness, and equitability of education and training systems, and a more efficient allocation of resources. The ESRI team will work together with teams of researchers from Belgium, Hungary, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Prof Selina McCoy will lead the research strand focusing on identifying education and training policies to ensure an efficient use of public resources to improve learning outcomes, with a particular focus on measures to support equity and inclusion in education and training systems.

Prof Iulia Siedschlag will lead the research strand on estimating the efficiency of European education systems, focusing on identifying the effects of the quantity and quality of human capital across EU countries on a comprehensive set of economic outcomes including productivity, wages, and the adoption and diffusion of digital and green technologies.