John McQuinn

John McQuinn worked as a Research Assistant in the Economic Analysis Division of the ESRI from 2012 ? 2013. While at the ESRI, John worked in the area of international economics and was involved in two research projects: ServiceGap, a study on growth and productivity in the service sector and Neujobs, a study on the development of the European labour market. As part of ServiceGap he researched the effect of foreign acquisitions on employment and productivity, some of which he presented to colleagues under the title Foreign investment and productivity in Services: A Meta analysis at an international conference in Mannheim, Germany. John also assisted with research issues on innovation such as an investigation of the effect of employment protection on innovation intensity in addition to examining the relationship between innovation and firm productivity. The study Employment Protection and Innovation Intensity which he was involved in has been submitted for publication and is under review. Currently, John is working as an Economist at Cambridge Econometrics in the UK. His work here involves economic analysis of data and so far has involved a wide range of topics including innovation, competitiveness, environmental and competition economics.