Gavin Murphy

Post Doctoral Fellow

Gavin Murphy was a Post Doctoral Research Fellow, at the ESRI, from May 2012. In 2012, he completed his PhD at Trinity College Dublin on Economic Adjustments to Globalisation in a Small Open Economy. He previously worked for the Central Bank of Ireland and for International Financial Services (IFS). Gavin?s main research interests are in international trade, economic growth, and applied microeconometrics. He has also undertaken research in the areas of exchange rate regime choice, access to finance, labour market regulation and firm innovation. His research has been published in Regional Studies and Review of Economics and Institutions. Gavin has co-authored two chapters in the European Competitiveness Report 2014 completed for EC DG Enterprise and Industry; the chapter on ?Access to Finance and Firm Growth? and the chapter on Drivers of SME internationalisation: Implications for Firm Growth and Competitiveness?