Maeve Thornton

Maeve Thornton was a Research Fellow on the Growing Up in Ireland Study Team from 2006 - 2017. Maeve holds a Ph.D in Psychology, and before joining the ESRI she spent five years working as a researcher in both the University of Ulster (UU) and Queen's University Belfast (QUB). At QUB she worked as a Research Fellow on the Youth Development Study - a longitudinal study of the risk and protective factors associated with adolescent drug use. During this time she was also involved in the implementation and management of the Youth Development Study Family Survey – a related study focusing on a sample of the original cohort families. While her research interests are varied, her main area of interest lies in exploring outcomes for the child, especially with regard to the family environment, including family structure and composition, intra-familial processes, and the socio-historical context in which they operate