Emma Quinn

Emma Quinn

Economic Analysis | Head of the Irish National Contact Point of the EMN
Emma Quinn is the Head of EMN Ireland, the Irish National Contact Point (NCP) of the European Migration Network (EMN).

EMN Ireland publishes objective and reliable research and information on migration and asylum in order to support policy- and decision-making in the EU and Ireland. EMN Ireland also coordinates a network of organisations active in the migration and asylum fields.

At EU level the European Migration Network is coordinated by the European Commission, DG Home. National Contact Points are established in 27 Member States plus Norway.

The EMN collates, documents and makes available comparable information and statistics held or collected at national and EU level. Key target audiences are policymakers, practitioners, I/NGOs and the general public.

EMN studies have addressed a range of topics, including: labour migration, irregular migration, protection and access to social security. National reports are synthesised to give an EU-overview.

Emma also undertakes integration-related research.
Contact Details:

Tel: +353 1 8632000
Direct Line: +353 1 8632137
Email: emma.quinn@esri.ie

Latest Publications:
  • Monitoring report on integration 2018
  • Ireland's response to recent trends in international protection applications
  • Illegal employment of non-EU nationals in Ireland
  • Family reunification of non-EU nationals in Ireland
  • Monitoring report on integration 2016
  • Resettlement of Refugees and Private Sponsorship in Ireland
  • Integration of Beneficiaries of International Protection into the Labour Market: policies and practices in Ireland
  • Determining Labour and Skills Shortages and the Need for Labour Migration in Ireland
  • Business Migration to Ireland
  • Strategies used to Support Return Policy in Ireland: National Policy and Practice on Entry Bans and Ireland’s Use of Readmission Agreements

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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • Research Programme on Equality and Integration with the Department of Justice and Equality
  • European Migration Network

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