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Brendan Whelan

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Brendan Whelan served as Director of the ESRI from 1996 to 2006, having previously been Head of the Survey Unit at the Institute. His ESRI publications can be accessed on the ESRI web-site. He holds BA and MA degrees in Economics from University College Dublin and obtained a Master's degree in Statistics from the London School of Economics in 1972. Following his period as Director in the ESRI, he became Research Director of the TILDA project in Trinity College Dublin. He holds a position as Research Affiliate at the Economic and Social Research Institute. His research interests include the application of statistical methods to the collection and analysis of economic and social data. See and
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Tel: +353 1 8632000

Latest Publications:
  • How Well-Informed are Pension Scheme Members on Their Future Pension Benefits? Evidence from Ireland
  • (Lack of) Pension Knowledge
  • Building Research Capacity in the Social Sciences - Alternatives Approaches
  • The Economics of Catchment Management
  • The Effect of Business Risk on Manufacturing Investment. Sectoral Survey Evidence from Ireland
  • Assessing the Incomes of the Self-Employed
  • A National Survey of Water-Based Leisure Activities: Report carried out by the Economic and Social Research Institute on behalf of the Marine Institute
  • The Economic Status of School Leavers 1993-1995: Results of the School Leavers' Surveys
  • Occupational and Personal Pension Coverage 1995
  • Poverty in the 1990s: Evidence from the 1994 Living in Ireland Survey

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