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Irene Mosca

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Irene Mosca holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK). Since 2010, she has been working with The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), in Trinity College Dublin, first as a post-doctoral researcher and then as a research fellow.

TILDA is a nationally representative study of the Irish population aged 50+ and collects information on the economic, health and social aspects of the respondents’ lives. At present, Irene is funded by an HRB’s Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) award aimed at investigating issues relating to labour market and financial outcomes and mental health.

Within TILDA, Irene also coordinates the economics domain, chairs the socioeconomic research group and inputs into the development and piloting of the survey questionnaire. Irene has established a strong record of research and published articles in international peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Population Economics, Economics and Human Biology and the International Journal of Public Health. Irene’s research has covered a wide range of topics, including: (return) migration and mental health; the effect of adult child emigration on the mental health of older parents left behind; obesity and employment; personality and wealth accumulation within couples; lack of knowledge of future pension benefits; socioeconomic gradient in self-reported and objective health measures; hypertension prevalence in Ireland and the US.

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Latest Publications:
  • Use It or Lose It : Irish Evidence
  • The Impact of Voluntary and Involuntary Retirement on Mental Health: Evidence from Older Irish Adults
  • The Impact of Adult Child Emigration on the Mental Health of Older Parents
  • How Well-Informed are Pension Scheme Members on Their Future Pension Benefits? Evidence from Ireland
  • A New Look at the Recession and Ireland's Older People: The Emigration of Adult Children and the Mental Health of their Parents
  • Increasing the State Pension Age, the Recession and Expected Retirement Ages
  • Social Isolation, Loneliness and Return Migration: Evidence from Older Irish Adults
  • (Lack of) Pension Knowledge
  • Early-life Causes and Later-life Consequences of Migration: Evidence from Older Irish Adults
  • Learning More About the Causes and Consequences of Migration through the Experiences of Ireland's Older People

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