Joanne Banks

Joanne Banks

Social Research | Research Officer
Joanne Banks is a Research Officer working in education research at the Social Research Division of the ESRI. She holds a B.A in Geography and Sociology from Trinity College Dublin and an M.A and PhD from University College Dublin. Her research focuses mainly on special educational needs (SEN), disability and inclusive education. She has published widely in the area of special educational needs (SEN) prevalence and identification, SEN financing and resource allocation and social and academic engagement for children with SEN.

Since starting at the ESRI another major focus of her work has been on educational inequality. She has published work on a wide range of topics including student transitions from school, the role of guidance in student decision-making and the impact of high stakes testing on teaching, learning and student wellbeing.

Her work has been published in Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability, Child Indicators Research, British Journal of Sociology of Education, Journal of Youth Studies, International Journal of Inclusive Education, European Journal of Special Needs Education and Irish Educational Studies.
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Tel: +353 1 8632000
Direct Line: +353 1 8632081

Latest Publications:
  • Senior Cycle Review: analysis of discussions in schools on the purpose of senior cycle education in Ireland
  • Disability and discrimination in Ireland: Evidence from the QNHS Equality Modules 2004, 2010, 2014
  • Playing senior inter-county Gaelic games: experiences, realities and consequences
  • Segregation in an era of inclusion? The role of special classes in Irish mainstream schools
  • An Irish solution…? Questioning the expansion of special classes in an era of inclusive education
  • Playing catch-up or overspending? Managing the cost of Special Education
  • School-based friendships among students with special educational needs
  • One of the gang? Peer relations among students with special educational needs in Irish mainstream primary schools
  • Why the new approach to special education must be monitored
  • Recent Expansion of Special Classes in Irish Mainstream Schools

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  • Evaluation of the National Youthreach Programme
  • Human Rights and Equality Research Programme 

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