Seamus McGuinness

Research Professor

Seamus McGuinness is a Research Professor and the Research Area Co-ordinator for labour market research at the Economic and Social Research Institute. Prior to joining the Institute, he held posts at Queens University Belfast, the Northern Ireland Economic Research Centre and the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic & Social Research (University of Melbourne). He obtained his PhD in Economics from Queens University Belfast in 2003.

Most of his published research has been in the areas of labour economics and the economics of education, he has a particular expertise in the areas of education and skill mismatches.

In addition to his work on the Irish labour market, he has also led a number of European labour studies involving numerous international research partners. Seamus is also a research fellow in the Institute of Labour Studies (IZA) in the University of Bonn and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the National Institute for Labour Studies in Flinders University Australia. He is the designated expert on the Irish labour market in the European Commission’s European Employment and Policy Observatory (EEPO).