Claire Keane

Claire Keane

Social Research | Senior Research Officer
Claire Keane is the Research Area Coordinator for Taxation, Welfare & Pensions research at the ESRI. Her research interests include labour economics, taxation, welfare and pension policy as well as poverty and income distribution analysis. She coordinates work on the ESRI tax-benefit microsimulation model and leads the ESRI’s work as the Irish country team for the European-wide tax-benefit model, EUROMOD. Between 2015 and 2017 she worked as an economist in the Social Policy Division of the OECD in Paris working mainly on the issue of unemployed and inactive youth with a focus on policies to reengage them in employment and education. She is part of the Technical Advisory Group at DEASP.

Claire has published a variety of policy related work, both at the ESRI and OECD as well as peer-reviewed journal articles including articles in the European Economic Review, Fiscal Studies, LABOUR and the IZA Journal of European Labor Studies.

Claire joined the Social Policy division in September 2007. She holds a Bachelor of Business Studies degree (specialising in economics and finance), a Master’s degree in Economics and a PhD in Economics from University College Dublin. She worked in the financial services and regulatory sector before working at the ESRI.
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Tel: +353 1 8632000
Direct Line: +353 1 8632078

Latest Publications:
  • Budget 2019: tax and welfare changes
  • The gender impact of Irish budgetary policy 2008-2018
  • Budget 2019: No significant boost in disposable income in real terms
  • Measuring contingent employment in Ireland
  • Lone-parent incomes and work incentives
  • Income-tested health entitlements: microsimulation modelling using SILC
  • Distributional Impact of Tax and Welfare Policies: Budget 2018
  • Female participation increases and gender segregation
  • Changes in Income Distributions and the Role of Tax-benefit Policy During the Great Recession: An International Perspective
  • Irish Public Finances through the Financial Crisis

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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • SWITCH Model: Databases and Technical Development
  • Modelling Healthcare Entitlements
  • Analysis of Childcare Subsidies
  • Income Distribution and Redistribution
  • Gender Impact of Tax and Benefit Policies
  • Analysis of Tax and Welfare Policies using SWITCH
  • Modelling Pension Reforms: Building from UK Experience to Irish Policy Analysis

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