Human Rights and Equality Research Programme 

Authors: Frances McGinnity , Helen Russell , Raffaele Grotti , Oona Kenny , Joanne Banks , Éamonn Fahey , Dorothy Watson

Research Areas: Social Inclusion and Equality


The ESRI has commenced a two-year research programme on human rights and equality with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC). The aim of the programme is to provide evidence for equality and human rights monitoring and for the development of policy in the area of equality and human rights. The research will address equality and discrimination across the grounds covered by equality legislation (e.g. gender, disability, age, race/ethnicity/nationality) and human rights, with a particular focus on economic, social and cultural rights. The programme will build on a considerable body of research on equality and discrimination issues by ESRI researchers.

Publications from this programme

Download Who experiences discrimination in Ireland? Evidence from the QNHS Equality Modules by Frances McGinnity, Raffaele Grotti, Oona Kenny and Helen Russell.

Read the press release associated with the above publication.

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