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Irish economy to recover quite strongly from restrictions but unemployment unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels until 2023 at the earliest

The average monthly unemployment rate in 2020 was 18.7 per cent. We expect the unemployment rate to average around 25 per cent in Q1 2021 and that it will be approximately 10 per cent by the end of the current year.

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New Growing Up in Ireland research looks at mental health outcomes of 13-year- olds: The majority were doing well, but a small minority were displaying consistent difficulties from age 9

Growing up in Ireland today published a new report which documents the mental health and well-being of the 13-years-olds in the study and examines factors that were associated with these outcomes.  

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Download research on the potential impact of COVID-19 across areas including economic growth, employment and human behaviour.

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Gender equality

Download research on topics including the gender wage gap and the gender impact of budgetary policy. 

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Climate change

Research examines several aspects of climate change mitigation, including carbon taxes and renewable energy. 

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