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ESRI research examines the cost of extending free GP care to the whole population

Research published by the ESRI has found that extending free GP care to all in 2026 would cost the State between €381 million and €881 million. This research, funded by the Department of Health, estimates the cost of extending free GP care over time (2023-2026), examining scenarios where the extension is based on (1) age and (2) income. The analysis used varying assumptions about population growth and ageing, take-up rates and payments to GPs.

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Poor housing conditions harm family wellbeing

Mothers living in inadequate housing and poorer quality neighbourhoods report more depression, find parenting more stressful, and report greater conflict and less closeness with their children. The children of these mothers, in turn, face greater social and emotional difficulties at age nine. 

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Download research on the impact of COVID-19 across areas including economic growth, employment and human behaviour.

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Gender equality

Download research on topics including the gender wage gap and the gender impact of budgetary policy. 

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Climate change

Research examines several aspects of climate change mitigation, including carbon taxes and renewable energy. 

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