John FitzGerald

Research Affiliate

John FitzGerald has been a Research Affiliate at the ESRI since November 2014. Prior to that he was a Research Professor at the ESRI and Programme Coordinator of the Macroeconomics Research Area. He is President of the Association d’Instituts Européens de Conjoncture Économique and a former president of the Irish Economic Association. He is currently a member of the Commission of the Central Bank of Ireland and of the Independent Expert Panel established in 2014 by the Department of Communications Energy and Natural resources In the past he has served as a member of the National Economic and Social Council and of the board of the Northern Ireland Authority for Energy Regulation. He was also a member of the Irish Energy Research Council, of the Independent Water review Panel, Northern Ireland and of the High Level Group on Green Enterprise. He chaired the Renewable Energy Strategy Group for the Department of Public Enterprise. He was a member of the EU "Group for Economic Analysis" from 2002-2004 advising the President of the EU Commission on matters of Economic Policy. John FitzGerald studied history and economics at University College Dublin where he took masters degrees successively in History and in Economics. He began his career in the Irish Department of Finance in 1972 where he was the Department's macro-economic "fire brigade" - responsible for economic modelling and policy analysis, as well as applied economic research. John was a TK Whitaker Research fellow in the Economic and Social Research Institute in 1982/83, and joined the ESRI in 1984. Since then, he has published in a number of different fields. In collaboration with John Bradley and other colleagues in the ESRI he helped develop the ESRI's macro-economic modelling programme. The fruits of this work have been published in a range of journals including the European Economic Review, Economic Modelling and The Economic and Social Review, as well as in many other ESRI publications. He is the joint author of a study of the impact of the EU Single Market and the EU Structural Funds on the Irish economy as well as a number of studies evaluating the impact of the EU Structural Funds. In 1992, 1999 and again in 2006 he led a team that published influential reports on Ireland's investment priorities. He has also undertaken studies of the impact of the EU Single Market on the distribution sector in the EU as a whole and how taxes may distort shopping patterns in border areas. He was a joint author of the report for the Irish Department of Finance on the Economic Implications for Ireland of EMU, which was published in July 1996. This report was central to the debate on Ireland's membership of EMU. He is a joint author of the ESRI's Medium-Term Review, which provides a detailed analysis of Ireland's economic prospects over the next decade. Through his work in the ESRI's Energy Policy Research Centre he has published research on energy demand in Ireland, studies of the economics of global warming, and an analysis of how the Irish energy sector might be restructured to enhance competition and efficiency. In 2011 John FitzGerald was admitted as a member of the Royal Irish Academy in recognition of his work on the behavioural characteristics of the Irish economy.