Valeria di Cosmo

Valeria di Cosmo is a senior researcher in applied economics at the University of Turin. After her PhD, she worked for Gas de France-Suez analyzing electricity market behaviour and trends. She joined the Economic and Social Research Institute in 2010, and worked there as an energy economist for 6 years. Between 2016 and 2018 she joined FEEM in Milan as a Marie Curie Fellow.

She has several publications in the field of regulation of public utilities, both analysing the water and the energy sector. In particular her work as an energy economist focuses on the impact of renewables in the electric system and market design, with a special attention on the role of transmission lines across Europe.

She collaborated with the International Energy Agency for the World Energy Outlook 2018, using her competencies on transmission networks to write part of the electricity focus. She taught as a guest lecture in master classes on energy and environment at the University College Dublin and she supervised several master students, both in Dublin and in Edinburgh.