Selina McCoy

Selina McCoy

Social Research | Associate Research Professor
Dr Selina McCoy is joint Research Area Coordinator for Education Research at the ESRI and Adjunct Professor at Trinity College, Dublin.

Her main areas of interest are educational inequality, post-school transitions, special educational needs and the role of ICT in teaching and learning. She recently led the Leaving School in Ireland study, tracking how young people experience post-school transitions and the impact of earlier educational experiences and school context on such transitions. She has published extensively on the Growing Up in Ireland study, including reports and articles on children's engagement at school, teaching methodologies and the impact of ICT on academic performance, children's out-of-school activities, and the role of school composition in SEN identification and children's academic development.

Her current research projects include research on teaching and learning in second-level schools following the rollout of high-speed broadband; an evaluation of the Post-Leaving-Certificate Programme; the impact of parental expectations for children's socio-emotional and academic development; and the role and effectiveness of special classes in primary and second-level schools. Comparative research also features strongly in her work. She was recently involved in a European study on primary school effectiveness in maths and science and is currently engaged on the education and stratification strand of the UK-based AQMeN network.

Selina is the Irish national expert at the European Commission Independent Experts in Education and Training.
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Tel: +353 1 8632000
Direct Line: +353 1 8632059

Latest Publications:
  • A case for using swivl for digital observation in an online or blended learning environment
  • Segregation in an era of inclusion? The role of special classes in Irish mainstream schools
  • Evaluation of PLC programme provision
  • Civil servants: 'Men are twice as likely to occupy senior positions as women'
  • An Irish solution…? Questioning the expansion of special classes in an era of inclusive education
  • A study of gender in senior civil service positions in Ireland
  • Playing catch-up or overspending? Managing the cost of Special Education
  • School-based friendships among students with special educational needs
  • One of the gang? Peer relations among students with special educational needs in Irish mainstream primary schools
  • Student retention in higher education

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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • Senior Expert on EU Graduate Tracking Programme
  • Study on the new Leaving Certificate grading bands
  • Pilot Study of Digital Classroom Observation with Student Teachers in Irish Primary Schools
  • Evaluation of the National Youthreach Programme
  • Teaching and learning in Irish second-level schools in the age of high-speed broadband
  • Programme of Research in Communications
  • EU Network of Independent Experts in Education and Training

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