John R Walsh

John R Walsh

Social Research | Senior Research Analyst
John R. Walsh has been working at the ESRI since 1995. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematical Sciences from Dublin City University in 1991. He received his Master of Science Degree in Computer Applications entitled "Reliability Analysis of Off-Shore Production Systems" in 1994 also from Dublin City University where his studies were funded by an Eolas Student Scholarship.

His work at the ESRI is primarily on the design and development of the SWITCH model. He has worked on numerous projects including:

•Tax and Welfare Reform
•Towards a Dynamic Tax-Benefit Model
•Minimum Wage
•Basic Income Studyt

He has extensive expertise in statistical analysis, and in the design and programming of computing packages. He has a keen interest in the design and development of statistical simulation systems. His experience includes the use of a wide range of programming languages (C, C++, Visual Basic) and statistical/database management packages (SAS, SPSSX, Access, Paradox & SQL Server).
Contact Details:

Tel: +353 1 8632000

Latest Publications:
  • The gender impact of Irish budgetary policy 2008-2018
  • Income growth and income distribution: a long-run view of Irish experience
  • Lone-parent incomes and work incentives
  • The tax treatment of pension contributions in Ireland
  • Income-tested health entitlements: microsimulation modelling using SILC
  • Distributional Impact of Tax and Welfare Policies: Budget 2018
  • Identifying rent pressures in your neighbourhood: a new model of Irish regional rent indicators
  • Supporting family incomes: getting the balance right
  • Income distribution in Ireland: through recession, towards recovery
  • Distributional Impact of Tax and Welfare Policies: Budget 2017

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  • Programmes and Projects:
  • SWITCH Model: Databases and Technical Development
  • Household Expenditure and Indirect Taxes
  • Analysing Labour Supply Decisions
  • Financial Incentives to Work
  • Modelling Healthcare Entitlements
  • Analysis of Childcare Subsidies
  • Income Distribution and Redistribution
  • An Initial Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Intreo Activation Process Reforms
  • An Evaluation of the Back to Education Allowance
  • Private Residential Tenancies Board Average Rent Report

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