Research Programme on Equality and Integration with the Department of Justice and Equality

Authors: Frances McGinnity , Dorothy Watson , Helen Russell , Emma Quinn , Oona Kenny , Philip J O'Connell

Research Areas: Migration, Integration and Demography | Social Inclusion and Equality

The aim of the research programme, funded by the Department of Justice and Equality, is to create, improve and enhance knowledge on equality and integration in order to provide evidence for policy in this area. This year’s work programme comprises two research studies - a Social Portrait of the Traveller Community and a Monitoring Report on Integration 2015.

A Social Portrait of the Traveller Community
The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation of the Traveller Community in Ireland using the best available data and statistical modelling presented in an accessible way. The themes will reflect the four pillars of the National Traveller/Roma Integration Strategy – Education, Health, Accommodation and Employment. The analysis in the study will combine data from the Census 2011 and the All Ireland Traveller Health Survey (AITHS) to investigate outcomes in the 4 domains.

Monitoring Report on Integration 2015
The integration of immigrants and their children to Irish society is a key challenge for Ireland. Investigating and monitoring migrant integration is important for policy to properly respond to the ongoing changes in Irish society, both positive and negative, to plan for future change, and avoid the consequences of failed integration. This study will consist of an overview of the main trends in migration, integration policy and 4 thematic chapters relating to each of the key integration indicator domains identified in the EU-wide framework set out in the Zaragoza Declaration, combined with a short special theme each year.

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