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Competitiveness, Trade and FDI

Sustainable economic growth depends to a large extent on a competitive economy. Research in this area examines what makes an economy competitive, focusing on themes such as international trade and investment, the diffusion of R&D, new technologies and innovation.

Martina Lawless (ESRI), Peter Haug (CompNet), Iulia Siedschlag (ESRI), Marco Christophori (CompNet) and Paloma Lopez-Garcia (CompNet) at the workshop on 23 October 2018 to discuss international trade and productivity and the CompNet database.
Joint ESRI and CompNet Research and Data Workshop

Speakers from the ESRI and the European Central Bank's Competitiveness Research Network discussed recent research on international trade and productivity based on firm-level data from Ireland and other EU countries.

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Intermediate goods inputs and the UK content of Irish goods exports

Research examining how exposed Irish businesses are to disruptions in the supply chain after Brexit finds that half of imports used by Irish-owned firms are sourced in the UK. This reliance on UK imports could lead to high cost increases for Irish firms after Brexit.

Export performance of Irish firms

Download research examining factors influencing the export performance of Irish firms. 

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Foreign Direct Investment

Research examines the factors that attract foreign direct investment. 

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Research examines the factors that influence the productivity performance of firms.