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Competitiveness, Trade and FDI

Research in this area focuses on structural and microeconomic factors and policies underlying competitiveness and economic growth in Ireland and other European countries in the context of international economic integration. Research topics include international trade, foreign direct investment, innovation and productivity.

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The impact of EU Exit on the attractiveness of FDI to the UK and NI and associated job creation effects

New research finds that Brexit would make the UK and Northern Ireland less attractive to foreign direct investment (FDI) and would result in less FDI-related new jobs in the medium to long run.

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Shock absorption capacity of firms in Ireland and Northern Ireland

This work examines firm profitability and productivity in Northern Ireland. It finds that smaller and locally-oriented firms with some cross-border trade are likely to be the most exposed to any changes in trade costs post-Brexit.

International trade

Research examines factors influencing the engagement and performance of firms in international trade and global value chains.

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Foreign Direct Investment

This research examines factors influencing the attractiveness of Ireland and other European countries to foreign direct investment.

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Innovation and productivity

Research examines factors driving the innovation and productivity performance of firms.