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Competitiveness, Trade and FDI

Research in this area focuses on structural and microeconomic factors and policies underlying competitiveness and economic growth in Ireland and other European countries in the context of international economic integration. Research topics include international trade, foreign direct investment, innovation and productivity.

Shared Island research highlights potential enhancing attractiveness to high-value foreign direct investment across the island of Ireland

This report, undertaken as part of the ESRI's research partnership with the Shared Island Unit at the Department of the Taoiseach, provides novel evidence on factors and policies underlying the attractiveness of Ireland and Northern Ireland to FDI in high-value knowledge-intensive sectors. Furthermore, it explores opportunities for policy coordination on the island of Ireland that could enhance the attractiveness of both jurisdictions on the island to high-value FDI.

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Do green investments improve firm performance?

This paper examines the impact of firms' green investments on a range of performance outcomes, including the growth of output, employment, productivity, export intensity, and energy intensity.

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International trade

Research examines factors influencing the engagement and performance of firms in international trade and global value chains.

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Foreign Direct Investment

This research examines factors influencing the attractiveness of Ireland and other European countries to foreign direct investment.

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Innovation and productivity

Research examines factors driving the innovation and productivity performance of firms.